Making Hope More than Hope


Often I give the word HOPE, little credit. To me it comes across as a last resort type of word. “Well, hopefully so…” “Yeah, let’s hope…” But in Romans, the Bible presents us with a far more powerful definition of hope.

A friend sent this to me recently:

‘Reading in Romans this morning, there was a note in my study Bible on the Greek meaning of the word “hope”, found in Romans 15:13.

“Strongs #1680- the Greek term denotes “confident expectation” or anticipation” not “wishful thinking:” as in common parlance.”

That meaning makes reading this verse even more meaningful:

“Now may the God of hope (confident expectation/anticipation) fill you with joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope (confident expectation/anticipation) by the power of the Holy Spirit.”‘

What a cool way to view hope in light of God’s power! May all of us abound in confident expectation on this Monday¬†morning!


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